Deck Hardware

Deck Hardware From Top Brands

Deck Hardware From Top Brands

Every boat has a different layout and every boat owner has a different desire for how they want their boat to function. Being sailors ourselves we fully understand that and have available for you the fittings, organizers, and cleats that make sailing a joy. We have rigged Cat Ketches with lines led aft to a simple Cape Dory so we are confident we will be able to assist you in your needs.


Winch Maintenance

For most of the boats in Southwest Florida it seems winch maintenance seems to be forgotten.   It is our experience that most people clean their winch only when it gets very sticky or something goes terribly wrong.  


When was the last time you tackled the project of cleaning and inspecting your winch?  Most manufacturers recommend cleaning your winch once a year.   Onboard Rigging can professionally service your winch at a fair price.


You can also service your winch yourself, there are many help videos online that can point you in the right direction.  We definitely recommend spending the short amount of time it takes to clean your winch to make sure you’re never caught in a rut when you need it most.  


Winch Upgrades

There are a few types of winches out there depending on your needs.

  1. Traditional Winches are used on smaller boats or older vintage boats.  On large boats these may be something to replace to a self-tailing winch to help create a better sailing experience.  

  2. Self Tailing Winches is more common and you have most likely seen these before.  They have a self-tailer at the top of the winch so you don’t have to tail the winch yourself . These are a great upgrade for anyone who doesn’t have the self-tailing feature on their boat.  

  3. Reversible winches is a new style winch that allows you to go both ways. These are an excellent upgrade for the racer or racer/cruiser.  Selden has made one that controls this feature by the push of a button in the winch handle!  

  4. Electric Winches are winches that can usually be controlled either by a winch handle or by the push of a button.  These are found on bigger boats or installed as upgrades for people who want sailing to be easier.  Harken's Electric Winch



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