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When it comes to modern lighting three letters jump out at you, LED. There is no denying the power savings that LED’s offer. From anchor and running lights to cabin and engine compartment lights this technology has brightened the life of boaters everywhere.

Another trust light from signal mate

Not all lights are created equally. LED drivers, tiny electronic components part of the led light that regulate the voltage for the light can interfere with radio signals (ex: vhf signals). There are a few companies that recognized this and started adding degrees of protection to their lights. Signal Mate encases their components in copper to help reduce any possible interference along with using a driver that is less likely to interfere with RF signals!

Signal Mate uses a Linear Technology (IC) circuit which continually shifts the frequency to prevent interference. In addition to this active filtering, Signal Mate also encapsulates the electronics in a copper enclosure to further prevent RF interference.

Signal Mate’s lights are sealed so they are less likely to fail do to the elements. Manufactured in the USA and coming with a 5 year warranty makes these lights hard to beat!


Dielectric Grease

We always install mast hardware and lights with dielectric grease and Forespar’s Marelub Tef45 preventing galvanic corrosion from causing failures or frozen fasteners. Tef45 will save you frustration down the road.  Our number one fight is with frozen fasteners and faulty contacts on bulbs that would most likely still be working if someone just took the time to use some dielectric grease.



Affordable LED Bulb

LED’s are supposed to last longer then traditional lights right? Every one has seen the very affordable LED light bulbs that you can just stick in your old light fixture. They are very inexpensive and it is a quick easy fix to your high energy consuming lights. These lights are great when your existing light fixture is in good shape and we just want to reduce the energy consumption. The problem with these lights is that they tend to not last very long in the elements.These lights are great when you can service them easily but some times it makes more sense to replace the fixture then pay someone to replace the bulb every two years.


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