Running Rigging

We know running rigging.

Whether you are raising your Main or sheeting in the Jib your hands are busy with your running rigging the most on your sailboat. Running rigging takes a lot of abuse from being ran around a winch to being stepped on in the cockpit to UV rays from the sun. It is important to use a quality line in order to trust that you will be able to sheet in enough to point back to the dock. We are a proud supplier of Yale Cordage.

Is your running rigging getting tired? We are here to help. You don’t have to pay those big box store prices we have what you need here at prices you can appreciate.

Which type of line do I need?

Depending on your goals for the boat there are a few options out there. If your boat is just your fun easy going cruising boat you can go with Yale ULS and might enjoy Yale’s single braid PHD-Crusier line which is easier on your hands.  

If your looking for more performance we can talk more about the Maxi-Braid Plus (UHMPE core) and Crystalyne (vectran core).  These lines are super low stretch and extremely well priced compared to its competitors.  

Color Choices make it easier to ask for help and make the boat have more style.  Simply put by having more colors on your boat your having more fun.  

Anchor line and Rode 

G4 Chain is our specialty so if you need a great price and it deliverd for a low cost, give us a call or shoot us an email. Combine some new G4 Chain with Yale’s 8-Brait anchor line and no longer will you fight your anchor line into the chain locker!  

Need some 3 Strand Twsited Nylon? Come and get it or have it delivered and spliced on your boat for a very fair price.  

Yale Nylon Brait is the way to go

Tired of your old anchor line bunching up on the windlass and fighting you into the anchor locker?  Well fret not more.  Yale has come up with a very subtle spliceable 8-strand anchor line that is easy on your hands and easy on the windlass. Just watch this short video as you can see the anchor line getting eaten up by that windlass and falling so nicely into the (very large) anchor locker.   

Need your anchor line spliced to the other end of the line?  We can help, either remove it from the boat or we can come to you and splice it on scene. 

Mantus Anchors and Extras that you need

If your going to use an all chain rode your going to absolutely need a anchor subber to prevent shock loads from damaging your boat.   

Custom Tow Bridles

Custom Lifting Harness

Custom Dock Lines

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