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Mobile SwagingIn Florida’s tough marine environment your boats standing rigging is put a test every day by just being on the water. Our goal is to make sure you can leave the dock with a piece of mind knowing that your boat’s rig is ready to go. Rig inspections, rig replacement and rig upgrades is how we can help.

We are your #1 source for your standing rigging needs.  Providing service for Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Naples through the Florida Keys!  Our inventory includes 1000’s of feet of 1×19 wire and all of the swage, Sta-Lok and Hi-mod mechanical fittings. 

Our onsite swaging machine allows us to swage up to 1/2 wire.  Swaging on site means we can get the job down faster because we’re wasting less time. Our inventory  includes a wide range of fittings from Hayn Enterprises, Selden, Sta-Lok, Hi-Mod and Alexander Roberts (ARCO).  

When is it time to change your rigging? 

This question can have all types of answers.  The industry standard is for cursing boats to have their rigging replaced in tropical clients every 7-10 years.  Race boats are even more strict because they are really testing the limits of their rig.   This might seem extreme to most casual boat users but this is safety we’re talking about.  At the very least the rigging should be inspected yearly.  After 6 years I would recommend having the rig checked by a professional.  If you were going to go on a long cruise I would seriously consider having your rigging checked and tuned. Mobile Swaging

Do we have to drop the mast to change your rig?

Big question!  Small boats (under 22′) you can usually drop the mast easily enough to change the rig on the ground.  Medium sized boats (22-36) can usually be done with the mast in the air.  Larger boats can sometimes be down with the mast in the air depending on many factors.  What type of rig is it? (keep stepped, deck stepped, B&R, Catamaran, etc) Please feel free to give us a call to chat about your options.  Our goal is to make it as affordable as possible to replace your rigging.  

Are  your spreader tips frozen?  

Are you deck stepped or keep stepped

Do you have enough halyards to help support the mast while we replace the rigging?

Did you want to replaced the mast electrical wires?

Is it gong to be faster with the mast on the ground?

Is it a B&R rig?

Is it dis-continuous rigging?

How much is it going to cost?

We offer very competitive pricing because we want to make sure you are safe on the water.  We shouldn’t have to sacrifice safety because of price.  Since there are so many factors to consider when replacing your rigging it is usually easiest to take a look at your boat and we can give you a quote very quickly.  

How long is it going to take?

If it’s a single spreader rig and we can do it with the mast standing we try to get the rig done in one business day + one business day to take measurements and check inventory. The idea is that we stock enough parts to complete a few boats of various sizes.  Again if we can do it with the mast standing this will save time and money.  A multiply spreader rig might take some more time and having more then one furling system adds more time to the project.  Each project is unique and has it’s own challenges.  

What can you do to help?

Again our goal is to make all the projects on your boat as affordable as possible.  If you have the time skills and energy to save some labor that is fine by us.  Some easy tasks include removing turnbuckle cotter pins and making sure the turnbuckles spin free.  I would urge you if that sentence doesn’t make sense to you for you to call us before you start messing with your rigging.

You cold also remove the head-sail and maybe the mainsail depending on the project.  Our phones are always close by to discuss anything you may need help with.  

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